Keynote Address

Engaging Pedagogies and Practices for Human Dignity, Inclusion, and Justice: An Intercultural Praxis Approach

Today, awareness of intercultural issues—lived experiences of economic disparity, unequal access to education, housing, health care, and voting, the threat of white nationalism in the U.S. and ethnonationalism around the globe, state-sanctioned attacks on bodies, books and knowledge, and the disparate impact of climate change—is heightened on campuses, in our communities, the nation and the world. So too, our collective awareness of historical and current systemic inequities anchored in white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy is rising; multiracial/intercultural coalitions are building; and demands for tangible equitable outcomes are increasing. Thus, amidst the complexities and paradoxes, central questions emerge: What is our role? How can we dig deeper to uproot and transform curricular, scholarly and institutional practices that perpetuate and normalize systemic inequity? How can we, as educators, in and outside the classroom, leverage our spheres of influence to create pedagogies for a more equitable and just world? Using an intercultural praxis approach, Kathryn Sorrells shares concrete practices and resources to dig deeper into the commitment to equity, inclusion, and social justice in higher education.